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Vacation Krafter is a travel management company specializing in krafted travel solutions. Our philosophy is the simple - create experiences that are unique, meet your defined objectives and continue to inspire you to travel.


Currently, we operate as a tight-knit unit where our partners play the crucial role of krafting your unique travel experience. Combined, the team has travelled from the romantic inlets of Venice to the historic ruins of the Ottoman Empire in Izmir and from the crystal-clear lagoons of Mauritius to the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland. 


We can kraft a journey for just about everyone, whether you are a twenty-something looking for a backpacking adventure through Europe or enjoying your time as a newlywed couple with nothing but dolphins and sea gulls to say hello. You could even be a corporate saying a thank you to your staff or distributors for their hard work on cruise in the Mediterranean or an educational institution seeking to enthrall the minds of young ones through travel. The possibilities - endless and options - unlimited.


Our local knowledge is supported through our personal experiences and that of our trust partners, and we make it our business to stay in touch with the latest trends in this exciting industry.


Above all, we offer a personalized experience right from the time you present to us your thought or concept of your next journey. It means we personally ensure that properties and sightseeing experiences that are selected have either been personally experienced by us or would wish to experience ourselves, so when we recommend something, you can rest assured that it is handkrafted.


Whatever your travel requirements, connect with us today to handkraft your travel experience. 

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