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Education today like all other industries is undergoing an innovation drive as we seek answers to the most pressing global challenges. Institutions that impart education are looking for unique ways to deliver meaningful education as they mould 21st century citizens. They are increasingly looking for solutions that are more experiential to help support classroom learning with real world examples which can be better perceived by students.

For us, education travel is about connecting curriculum objectives with real world experiences. So you could teach your students about the characteristics of the African Savannah while on a game drive in Kenya or the workings of an airplane during a factory visit to the Boeing plant in Seattle. Your curriculum objectives, our krafted travel solutions. 

We understand the intricacies involved in educational travel programmes and to ensure that stakeholder objectives are met, we formulated a threefold model which involves the institution, the students and parents and use this as a baseline in designing your krafted educational travel needs. 

Connect with us to discuss how we can kraft your educational travel programme.

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