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Meet The Krafters


Akshay Nadkarni

An engineer turned finance professional, Shantaram started his career in 2014 with Royal Bank of Scotland. He found his calling in the world of cloud based business application solutions and moved to Resagit Solutions and thereafter to CRMNext, a global leader in the banking CRM space.

His passion for travel comes from a meticulously self planned honeymoon and the endless possibilities that can be Krafted to make a journey of a lifetime. 

When he is not busy handkrafting the next journey of a lifetime for him or a client, he enjoys picking a book and a cup of coffee or an artisanal dessert while binge watching a TV series




A customer service a product marketing specialist, Ruchi started

her career in 1999 with Hilton. She later moved to Emirates supporting

the launch of their flagship and award winning loyalty programme before

settling into the world of retail banking

Her passion for travel comes from her 23 years of marriage, 2 cruises and

several holidays from Kenya to Kerala and Venice to Maldives

When she is not busy coming with the next handkrafted experience, she

turns into super-mom/wife, baking cookies and creating project models.




An engineer by profession, Kaustubh started his career with Atkins, a globally renowned construction consultancy, handling several big ticket projects across the UAE.

His passion for travel comes from his childhood crush on airplanes and exploring distant lands. For him, traveling is more like a battery for the soul and the map should have been a paper plane to fly away on. 

When he’s not busy flying a simulator or attempting to swim away to foreign lands, he enjoys exploring new restaurants and the movies

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